For our customers : ISO 9001

Our customers benefit from our longstanding commitment for the quality and the care we bring to the achievement of our products, commitment leading to the obtaining of the ISO9001 certificate.

For our staff: OSHAS 18001

Humans are placed in the centre of TNT’s activities.
TNT recruits, trains and empowers its employees to act as a team and develop staff skills.
TNT is constantly working to build a healthy working environment and effective for its employees. This has been recognized by the certification OHSAS18001.

For our environment:  ISO 14001

TNT’s environmental management approach goes beyond compliance with legislation and is fully aligned with the ISO 14001 standard. This sets standards for continuous improvement of TNT’s impact on the environment at an entity level, and therefore challenges all its entities with respect to their environmental footprint. The focus is on improvement. TNT’s most important environmental impacts are CO2 emissions, air pollution and energy usage.

The TNT Group has received in 2008 and in 2009 the Dow Jones Sustainability Award for the industrial transportation sector and the super sector ‘industrial goods and services. In addition,
TNT got the highest score in each of the three dimensions –Economic, Environmental, and Social- that make up the index.

The Liege Euro Hub has been recertified in February 2016 for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Management.

Certificat Management Qualité, Environnement et Santé Sécurité


TNT Express Euro Hub
Michaël Belaire
Corporate Responsibility Manager

Phone:  +32 4 239 51 56
Fax:       +32 4 239 59 98
Email:   michael.belaire@tnt.com

TNT Airways
Norbert Vanreyten

Quality Manager

+32 4 239 35 01
Fax:       +32 4 239 35 09
Email:   norbert.vanreyten@tnt.com