TNT Euro Hub at a glance

On 27 April 1998, TNT opened its European Express Centre at Liege Airport, in Belgium.  The Hub processes all air freight consignments within Europe and forms a link with the rest of the world.

TNT chose Liege over 11 other possible airports to set up its new Air Hub due to its excellent geographical location, its infrastructure, the unlimited night flights permission, the possibility of self-handling, the favorable climate condition and the limited impact on the population.

The activity of the hub represents around 42 planes and 129 trucks and vans per night.  75% of the traffic is outbound by air while the rest is transported by road.  In general, planes fly to three destinations, each of which acts as a deconsolidation centre for a dozen additional destinations.  This is the principle of the star network.

In May 2004, to answer to the increasing volumes, TNT announced the expansion of the TNT Air Hub in Liege.
In March 2014, TNT announced an investment of tens of millions euros to strengthen the efficiency and the productivity of the Liege Hub. This project, called Liege ExtraFit (LEF), is still on goind and the works should be completed by mid 2017.


Operational aera: 75,000 sq.m

Handled Fleets

1998: 60 trucks and 30 aircraft daily
2005: 125 trucks and 41 aircraft daily
2010: 125 trucks and 42 aircraft daily
2016: 129 trucks and vans, and 42 aircraft daily


Initial investment in 1998: 62,000,000€

Investments in million euros


Sort flow: About 100,000 items per day


1.500 employees are currently working for TNT Euro Hub at Liege Airport.


Depots are served by 129 trucks and vans within a distance of 600 km from Liege Hub .


TNT Express Euro Hub

+32 4 239 50 00
Fax:       +32 4 239 59 99