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For an appropriate treatment of your application, please do carefully read our guidelines into the "Selection Process" section.

Mandatory forms to be filled in when applying for a function within TNT Euro Hub and TNT Airways:

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During summer time, TNT welcomes in different departments (ground operations, flight operations, technical department ...) many students who are motivated and fascinated about TNT's business.  Computer literate and at least a basic knowledge of English are required for several positions.  Students who are interested in an experience in an international and multicultural environment won't hesitate to apply for a student job!



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A traineeship is by far the best way of getting to know TNT. 

This period within a high performance and innovative airline will give you the opportunity to develop your skills and sharpen your professional objectives.

At TNT, we offer opportunities in various fields such as maintenance, ICT, logistics, Human Resources, marketing, administrative management.  A basic principle is that the results of your training must be useful to the company.  That is why we will define the project together with you and tailor it to fit the organisation's need. We are used to working in close relationship with schools and target the success in your studies.



To send us your application, do use the link "Click here to apply" on the Vacancies and Unsolicited Applications pages.

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